Our home in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham was no longer suitable for us and so we moved to North Wales in July 1993 with our two youngest children. I began to write, something else I’d always yearned to do, but a dream I thought I never would achieve.
I wrote first for children, before beginning an adult novel in 1996. placing it in the city I’d been born and brought up in. Many of the characters and situations were drawn from places I knew, the culture in which I’d been reared, the colourful characters in the neighbourhood and the stories my parents told me, sprinkled with a large dose of imagination. Everyone they say, has a story to tell.
I joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) as they run a critique service and when they suggested that I send my second submission to Headline, I was astounded, but did as they said. Headline’s response was to give me a two book contract and my first book with them, “A Little Learning” was published in 1998 and I was stunned that it had all seemed to happen so easily. I had three other books published with Headline:
 “Love Me Tender”
“A Strong Hand to Hold”
“Pack up Your Troubles”.
In 2001, we parted company and I was offered a contract with Harper Collins. I am now a firmly

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Anne with all four of her children

teacher in 1976. Despite having two further children Bethany in 1981 and Tamsin in 1985 I taught happily for some years before an injury at work caused damage to my spine in the spring of 1990.

established Harper Collins author with nine books published by them, another at editorial stage which is due to be published in January 2010 and just starting work on my fifteenth. You can check these books out through my website.
Throughout my career as a writer I was confined to a wheelchair as the nerves to my legs were cut off by fibrosis following a spinal injury but I continued to exercise, firstly by swimming and then by using toning tables to keep up my muscle tone. In August 2006 the scar tissue around my spinal chord inexplicably broke down and I regained the use of my legs, this sounds simple but was quite a lengthy process. I can now walk as well as I could eighteen years ago and enjoyed a trip to Venice in the autumn of 2007, something that had been impossible as a wheelchair user. I continue to exercise, going to toning tables weekly and walking for at least an hour a day with my faithful Welsh Border Collie, Patches and life doesn’t really get any better than this