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Morrisons the popular high street Supermarket have hand picked two of Anne's books, Love Me Tender and A Strong Hand To Hold for their January sale which kicks of on Boxing Day. So why not start your new year with a good book and pick up a copy with your next shop at Morrisons.

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Hello there.

Welcome to my new website. Here you will find details of who I am and how I began a writing career that has now spanned over twenty years. During that time I have made many friends including the most important people, my loyal and fantastic fans. When I am doing any events I will have details posted on the News & Events page as well as contacting you on Facebook so as many as possible can come along. I love giving talks because I like meeting my readers and it is lovely to put a face to a name.

There will be a facility for you to ask questions but one question that pops up every so often is the one related to the Sullivan Series and for those of you not familiar with these books it was a series of four books written a few years ago and each one relates to a member or members of the same family. The books stand alone and can be read in any order, but because they are about the same family strands inter woven between the books, a reader may get more out of them if they are read in the order that they were written. 


Sullivan Series in order:


Forget-Me-Not-Child   RELEASED DATE:  26th January

The 20th Book from the Sunday times best selling author Anne Bennett.

A story of struggle and hardship and one girl’s battle for survival from the best-selling author of If You Were the Only Girl and Another Man’s Child.

Angela McCluskey comes to Birmingham from Ireland with her family as a young girl to escape the terrible poverty in her homeland. But the dream of a better life is dashed as bad fortune dogs the family.

When Angela marries her childhood sweetheart, she has hopes of a brighter future, which are dashed when her husband is called up to fight in the Great War. Tragedy strikes and Angela is left to rear her frail daughter on her own, though the worst is yet to come when Angela suffers another terrible misfortune.

Pregnant and destitute and already with one mouth to feed that she can ill afford, there is nowhere left to turn. What destiny awaits Angela and her unborn child? Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, will Angela forever be punished for the choices that she makes?


"10 Years since I began to walk"

25th August 2016

It is now 10 years since I began to walk again after spending the previous 16 years 1990-2006 in a wheelchair.  So many things happened to me when I was diagnosed as being disabled.  The first and most upsetting was that I was invalided out of teaching, a job I thoroughly enjoyed, but all those years ago access for the disabled in the workplace was not what it is today.  But having to give up teaching was as bad for me as being told I would never walk again.  I felt cast adrift, not at all sure what to do with myself.

I had been writing bits for years and like many I would say that when the kids were older, or when I retired and had more time I would write a book.  Now unexpectedly I had all the time in the world and so I began to write in earnest.  It was like an apprenticeship because first I researched and wrote the origin of nursery rhymes, then short stories as suggested by the Writers’ magazine and then books featuring children like the ones I had taught.  We moved from the Midlands to North Wales in 1993 and the following year I entered a Valentine’s Day competition and won second prize which was a year’s subscription to the Romantic Novelists’ Society (RNA).

I never heard of this but joined because they run a critique service and if a member submits a manuscript each September it is criticised by readers.   The reader for my second submission told me to lose 40,000 words and send it straight to Headline.  I did and in 1996 I had my first book accepted by them.  Four books down the line, I parted company with Headline and Harper Collins asked me to join their lists.
The rest is history really.  I wrote 16 books for Harper Collins and they released the back list and my 20th book overall will be released in January 2017 and called The Winter Waif.  My story really illustrates the maxim that when one door shuts another opens.


Pack up Your Troubles Re- Released 


Some years ago under Anne's previous publisher, she wrote four books (A little learning, A strong hand to hold, love me tender and pack up your troubles) these books have often been highly requested by you the fans and unfortunately they have been out of print for a long time however Anne's current publisher Harper Collins have bought the rights to these books and have published "A strong hand to hold" and "Love me tender".

Now on March 24th it's the turn of "Pack up Your Troubles", armed with a new cover the book is finally being re-published for a new audience to enjoy, simply click on the pre-order button to secure your copy and enjoy reading some of Anne's earlier work.


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