Anne's recent absence explained

and message to fans

Anne's unexplained absence has had fans concerned, please check the home page to see how Anne's health is now improved and a personal message from her.

Child on the Doorstep 


The second book in the locket series, Child on the Doorstep Anne's new book has just been released giving fans a chance to experience the next instalment of this wonderful series.
Available now from Amazon.
HarperCollins Celebrates the release of Anne's new Book
On Thursday 16th of February Anne was invited to the HarperCollins offices in London to attend a celebration to commemorate the release of Anne's 20th book Forget-me-not-Child. 

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The Prize Draw  winners have been announced today 10th February 2017 at the Launch for Anne's new book Forget-Me-Not-Child, The winners have won a signed copy of the new book, you can read the first chapter your self on the New Book page.
The Novelistas enjoyed a celebratory cake at the launch of Anne's 20th book before picking the winners of the prize draw.
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Forget-Me-Not-Child The 20th Book from the Sunday times best selling author Anne Bennett. 


Wednesday September 14th 2016 Public talk

Okay people, I am giving a talk. There were times when these were common place, usually taking place in libraries all around the country. Alas libraries now haven't the staff to plan and organise these types of events, nor the spare funds to provide refreshments etc, so this request came out of the blue. The organiser found me on my website and the group is very local, called Llandudno and District Writing Group and the talk called 'Motivation' is this Wed 14th September from 2 - 4 pm in the small downstairs' room in the building that also houses the library in Llandudno. As the room is not large, space is at a premium but if you would really like to be there please send me an e-mail or a message on Facebook and I will see what I can do. It would be nice to connect with my loyal North Wales fans. I just wish I could see more of you as I once used to.

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Anne will be attending the Authors Society Summer Party at Waterstones Cocktail bar in Piccadilly, London.

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Anne will be attending the (Harper Collins Author's Summer Party) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


24th March 2016

Today 'Pack Up Your Troubles is released. Harking back to my family again, this is written in memory of an aunt I never knew, but knew of and for all women who suffered in a similar way. Pre WW2 a man abusing his wife was not committing a crime. It was listed as a 'domestic' and usually not even investigated. There were no hostels where women could seek protection, nor much sympathy for any woman running out on her man. Read one woman's struggle to survive and strive for any shred of happiness for her and her children. Harrowing in parts. Public Warning Notice - you might have to read this with a pack of tissues to hand.


Pack up Your Troubles Re-Released March 24th 2016


"Pack up your troubles" the previously out of print work of Anne Bennett is now being revamped by Harper Collins and re-released with a new cover on March 24th


25th December 2015: 

NOOK the online book shop have now added  (Another Man's child) to their historical saga series.



The Goodreads competition winners have been announced , you can find a list of the winners on the Home page for both the UK and Ireland.

The winners have won a signed copy of Anne's soon to be released book "Another Man's Child" releases November 19th.

The 5 UK winners are as follows:

1) Agnes Salska from Surrey

2) Yvonne Bradley from Preston

3) Diane Cumdick from Hampshire.

4) Hannah Lee from Essex.

5) Ann Frank from Southampton

The 3 Irish winners are as follows: 

1) Ioana Simileann from Dublin

2) Karen Boyle from Co Cavan

3) Paul McKenna from Co Dublin 

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who participated.


Anne has written a blog entry for the novelista blog on the inspiration for the next book 'Another Man's Child' It's titled  "The Inspiration Behind 'Another Man's Child' by Anne Bennett"


"Another Man's child" 


November 19th 2015

Another best-selling family drama from the author of  If You Were the Only Girl and A Strong Hand to Hold. 

Celia Mulligan is in love with farm hand Andy McCadden, but when Andy asks her to marry him and she accepts, her father is furious – no daughter of his will marry a mere hireling. Celia elopes with Andy and they make their way by ship to England. While on board, Celia meets a demure young woman called Annabel who tells her in confidence that a friend of her father forced himself upon her and she has since fallen pregnant.
Annabel plans to throw herself on her brother’s mercy and asks Celia if she will accompany her to Birmingham as her ladies maid. Without a job and with nothing to offer her, Andy encourages Celia to accept – he can find employment for himself and save for their future. But neither of them can foresee the events that will follow, and soon Celia will be forced to choose between the man she loves, and the love of a vulnerable child…


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